Servers administration

For over 12 years we manage and administer servers, both in LAN and WAN. We are adapting our practice to the needs of the customer. At your request, we are able to accomplish almost any server functionality, from simple configuration to share documents to the corporate mail servers, fax machines, electronic document exchange, etc..

Our servers operate under different operating systems, depending on customer needs, from the Microsoft ® Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and finishing on various Linux distributions (Slackware, Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc..).

Where there is a possibility we implement dedicated solutions (NAS servers, routers)

Our motto is that the server is to serve the customer and meet his needs, not vice versa. At the same time we attach great importance to the security of information trying to balance user experience with network security.

We are able to design and implement almost any solution, for the range of LAN and WAN.

We are able to provide you:

  • installation and configuration of Unix / Linux or Windows 2003/2008 server
  • installation and configuration of any type of server software: web, mail, dns, ftp, databases, backup system, firewall, proxy, etc.
  • configuration of the network environment and IP addresses
  • 24 hours of system administration
  • 24 hours of administration of the proper operation of services
  • daily backup system and backup policy solutions
  • removal of potential hazards (eg, security holes, trojans, viruses)
  • ensure continuity of services on the server and the server
  • permanent contact with the administrator at certain times
  • ongoing supervision of the server load and performance
  • eliminating the current hardware and software faults

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