CMS Systems

In carrying out our projects, we strive to provide users with the freedom to manage content and later modify the page content. They serve us in this by content management systems called CMS (Content Management System). Thanks to their application, our customers do not need to know the secrets of programming languages, to change contact information or add new information about changes in the company. Just adequate access to the page and edit the relevant departments. Moreover, the contents of this page may vary considerably for those with your account and for those not registered. There is the possibility of such conduct intra-corporate calendar of meetings and even conducting group projects in a distributed environment and coordinating them through hidden inside the application.

For most of our work we use the following CMS'es:

  • Drupal - CMS characterized by an extended structure lightness, modularity, and plasticity. Allows the technical realization of almost any project Web site, ranging from personal blogs through the online magazine portal and ending with a powerful forum and departments only for registered users.
  • Joomla - CMS which is a continuation of the Mambo project. Due to the basic installation package, is ideal for less demanding projects.
  • Typo3 - CMS is also regarded as CMF (Content Management Framework), due to the degree of its developed and advanced. It can be widely used on projects that require teamwork.
  • Indywidual - CMS written on request. 100% adapted to the needs and requirements.


Choosing the right CMS addicted from the planned size of the project and its use. In any case, we focus on quality solutions, and scalability of the project.

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