About us

The Hieroglif company exist since 1998. From the very beginning, we had the task of providing our customers with comprehensive service in the field of IT - both in terms of providing hardware and software. Within 10 years of activity we have provided our services to both small and medium enterprises, as well as corporations, public enterprises, universities and organizations.

We have over 10 years experience in the field:

  • Maintenance and consulting in the field of computers, networking and peripherals
  • Maintenance and consulting in the field of software - for MS Windows, UNIX and Linux
  • Server management
  • Design, project implementation and maintenance of LAN, both Ethernet and Wireless,
  • Integration of computer systems,
  • Configuration, management, construction and upgrading of computer networks
  • Implementation of IT systems
  • Design, creation, development and management of dedicated databases
  • Design, build, develop and manage Web sites and services


During the term of our business, we have provided services both for Polish and international firms.

Our goal is to provide customers with well functioning system in their company. To meet this challenge, we treat every customer individually, line matching solutions implemented in the company to their needs and financial possibilities.

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